Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meet Kinect.....

Over the weekend I went to Macy's and that's when i was acquainted with the Kinect and from what i saw i loved... Normally i don't really care much for video but when i saw Kinect i just could not stop playing. Here's the deal some Macy's have the console on display for you to try out the game. This is a must have for the holiday... If you know something about Nintendo Wii then it's much like that except you just your body to play the games without the controller. How cool is that?  It's a motion device that will detect your body movement. This is cool to exercise and just have fun with the family also it controls your entertainment system... so this little device is set to come out on NOV.4 and if you're looking into buying one now is the time to Pre-order. Comes November they will be sold out in matter of minutes...
If you already have an XBOX360 at home the KINECT will cost you only $149.99 and if you don't have it will be the XBOX Console and Kinect for $299 and $399...The games will be $49.99

Kinect for Xbox 360 logo

Kinect for Xbox 360

I tried this game at Macy's and i really enjoyed it.

Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 allows for physically-interactive gaming without a remote

Kinect press launch
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