Monday, August 2, 2010

Short hair cut

After only a month of having the braids i decided it was time to take them off... So over the weekend and as you can see from the picture my hair has gotten shorter. I was told by my hair dresser that i needed to cut my hair in order for them to grow healthier and stronger. The thing is my hair is somewhat damaged, thin with lots of split ends, and i need a really good repair products to store the strength and life back into the hair.. I feel so different with short hair....Another thing the hair dresser said to me that i need to get some deep conditioner, and this past weekend i visited so many beauty supply stores to find something that will actually the job 100%... I am thinking of getting one of these products AVEDA ( very expansive,) Super conditioner 10 en 1, Organic Roots Stimulator- hair mayonnaise and the list goes on and on... If you have something in mind please let me know... I really would like to have the long hair back again until that happens i have to get use to the short....

My short hair

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