Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really was looking forward for a great Wednesday although this morning when i left the house to go to work I started feeling pain in my knees. I am not the type who would want to call out sick even when the pain is unbearable. I got to work and still my body was not as energetic as I expected it to be. The office is super cold so like I always do I turned on the heater under the table to help my body stays warm. I am not sure if the heat was too much for my knees because the pain has escalated and both knees are now in so much pain. I turned off the heat and I wrapped my knees with my blanket. I am not walking straight because as I stared walking the pain gets worse. I just took the Ibuprofen so hopefully that will help ease the pain until I leave work. The worse part of my day is when I start having pain and going to the emergency room just to get a medication that is strong enough to help me cope with the pain. The train ride was not that bad as I thought it would be; I got a seat from the time the train reached the station, it was a little cold however I managed to make home safely.

For my situation since I have sickle cell anemia anytime I go the hospital due the muscle pain I usually get the very high dose of morphine, Demerol etc. to treat the pain. Having said that I really don't see myself being addicted to pain killer, usually I would not take the medication unless my body can't take anymore. I rubbed my knees with Bengay- which is a pain relief cream so hopefully that would help until I take the next set of medication. Right now I have my body on a watch mode, meaning i have to drink plenty of fluid, be stress free and get plenty of rest also eat lots of greens for Iron. In addition to eating and drinking well, I would have to start wearing long pants to cover my legs from the cold in the office. Right now i am staying put but if the pain gets worse where I can't walk at all, I would go the emergency room right away. I am hoping by tonight though the pain will be less severe.

Simply Me,

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