Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Britney Spears concert tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am super excited to finally going to see a concert, and it's Britney Spears concert in one the most famous arena around the world= Madison Square Garden. I am over the top right now although i am sick with one leg swollen i am going, I am not going to pass on the ticket to no one. When luck is near it is near, I bought my tickets for only $10.00 when everyone else bought theirs for more than 80.00 bucks. Working for Cablevision- Rainbow Media- we get lots of special discount on tickets whenever they go on sales, either baseball, basketball and almost anything that goes on sales. So it's going to be Melissa, Nicola and I who are going to the concert and it's going to be ladies affair tonight. although my leg is still in pain I am just going to take everything one step at a time, I also will try not to stand too much on the leg and drink plenty of water so that i don't feel dehydrated. It's going to be 90 degree so of course on the outfit list I would have shorts and jumpers. I can't wear heals so flats are my only options, I will take pictures. I am so happy to be going to my first concert ever and i hope it will be a fun and exciting day to remember.

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