Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am still Sick :(

I know it's been a while since my last post when i was talking about me being sick. Well i am still sick. On Friday i went to the ER and stayed there until 3 AM Saturday morning, After spending 4 hours in the waiting area. While i waited for a doctor the pain was just getting worse and worse because the area was so cold although Mike went and got a blanket for me that was just not enough. Around 10 Pm I was called in the back room where I was greeted by a nurse who right away gave me 2 Demerol to ease up the pain until the doctor come to check on my swollen leg.After spending another 2 hours being drowsy and disoriented; the doctor came and checked my knees and ordered blood test to make my everything is OK. Usually when the doctor orders blood test is to make sure that my blood count is not low and I am not deprived of oxygen. In any instance my blood count is low I would have to be admitted right away. after the blood test came out negative, I was prescribed Oxicodone to take from home. So I spent the weekend in bed and I couldn't move my right leg at all. I was skipping to go to the bathroom and I could only lay flat on the bed. The OXICODONE is really a powerful drug and i was told not to exceed the limit of 2 per day and because of the side effect my body is very relaxed and i am very drowsy most of the day. I am being very careful when I am going to the train station and when i am at work. Right now I wished I had a cane to help me around the office because there are times when I can't spend more than 2 minutes standing on the leg, and because I walk like i am dragging one leg I am getting lots of question from people in the office.

I am very ill and yet i have not taken a day off, the office is so cold and my knee hurts more because of the cold. I have a fever from the time I come in to work to the time i leave the office. Right now i am wearing my socks and a blanket wrapped around my knee and another sweater to keep me warm besides the HEAT blowing hot air. Instead of going back to the ER I am going to make an appointment to see my doctor by this week so that he can help me further since my leg is swollen and I am not getting enough sleep in the night time.

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