Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sad day in NY YANKEES WORLD....

...Today NEW YORKERS, Yankees fans and the world of baseball are mourning the loss of the "BOSS" George Steinbrenner just days after the passing of Bob Sheppard the great Yankees voice. The Yankees owner dies this morning from a massive heart attack at his home in Tampa FL. George Steinbrenner was a great owner, a tough boss but he treated his players and the Yankees organization fairly. When the Yankees were not doing so well back in the early 90s, he put his money into the team and formed a very poweful team that would go on to win 7 world series. George is known for hiring the best players and as result, every teams are now putting out big bucks for the best players... Because of George the yankees are the most powerful team and the team everyone loves to beat..."Royalty and Trust" that's what Goerge asked from his team and everyone around him..

George Steinbrenner

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