Wednesday, July 21, 2010

White Baby born to Black Parents......

Are you serious, no it cant be? well that's exactly what I said when i first saw the headline of the story. It's true for the Nigerian couple in England who gave birth to white baby with curly blond hair and blue eyes name Nmachi..... Here's what the parents have to say about the story.... "The father of the baby, Ben, 44, said that the two of them just sat there for a moment after the baby was born. The mother of the child, Angela, smiled and said:“She’s beautiful – a miracle baby.”
Ben said that he was surprise when the baby was born, and even wondered if the baby was in fact his. As the family crowded around the baby, it was easy to see the similarities in the facial features. They named the baby Nmachi Ihegboro, which means “Beauty of God” in their homeland of Nigeria.

Neither Ben nor Angela have any mix-raced family history that they know of, but light genes from generations before could potentially explain the appearance of the child.
“My wife is true to me. Even if she hadn’t been, the baby still wouldn’t look like that,” Ben said.
The couple came to Britain from Nigeria five years ago, and said that the baby does not appear to be albino, and looks more like a healthy white baby. Ben said that his mother had fairer skin than him, but also said that he had no knowledge of any light-skinned members of his ancestry that could have caused this to happen.

I hope the world is not going to look this family differently..

That's a very happy family with their little Angel

That's very insteresting story...
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Mike said...

Wow I think that this is crazy..I wonder if they had a dna test done yet? I looked at the picture of the white baby but I really don't see any similarities to the father or any of the other kids..well if her is the father maybe someone from his pay was white like back in the days of slavery...this is very strange..