Monday, March 28, 2011

Painful Weekend!!!

I had a really hard time over the weekend with my body and the pregnancy. I have never experienced anything like that before, I had severe pain in the left side of my body the rib cage area. It's not just my side, what made it worse it was the fact that there might have been some kind of inflammation in the bones. Sleeping was something I could not have done peacefully. Breathing, walking, sneezing are all affected. I can't take a deep breath without holding on to my side, I have short of breath even when I'm having a conversation. I have contacted the nurse and I was told its the muscles that are expanding to make way for the baby. Seriously I feel like I am paralysed on one side.

It's Monday and it does not look like pain is going away. I was thinking of not going to work but since I am saving my sick days to add on the maternity vacation, I had to show up. All my muscles are aching and the nurse believes that it could be a sickle cell crisis that I am going through. Not again! I was told to continue taking the Tylenol and use a heating pad for comfort..most likely I might go see the doctor tomorrow if I get no relieve..

On a lighter note***** even though I was in pain I managed to do the baby shower registry for the baby shower at Target and Toys R Us. I will have more on that this week..
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