Monday, March 7, 2011

20 Weeks Pregnant!!! Half Way there

Yep i am 20 weeks and 4 days, I am so bless to make this far, Whoo hoo!!!! which means i only have about 143 days left. it seems like it was yesterday when i was just 7 weeks. Last Friday I had my prenatal appointment and everything is coming a long great with the baby and my body. The technician was helpful when doing the ultrasound, she was having conversation and assured me that the baby is doing great. She gave me several pictures to look at, so eexcited. at 20 weeks my baby likes his privacy, he did not want to turn for the tech to check his spine, he was sleeping most of the time. it took about 20 minutes before she got a complete view of his spine... I really don't blame him, he only wants mommy to look at him.

20 Weeks Pregnant...

 I could not have been any happier when we found out we are having a boy. During the first trimester I had so many dreams about baby boys. Not one time did i think of girls and I am guessing it was a sign that a boy will be part of my life. Dreams really mean a lot to me so i always take them seriously, i sometimes spend days thinking about them.

  • thus far the baby weighs 11 ounces
  • all the body parts are looking good and healthy
  • the ultrasound went well and I made sure the doctor check the sex of the baby because at week 16 it was still a bit too small.
  • it's a BOY, un petit Garcon, el Nino,
  • the kicks are getting stronger
  • I weight 137, from February to March I gain 11 pounds... 
  • My BP is ok, no protein in urine
  • no cravings really
  • my neck continues to get darker
  • i am using Bio oil and Cocao Butter to prevent stretch marks
  • I miss my regular clothes, like skirts and shirt. Everything has to be loose so that i can be comfortable
overall we are happy with the way things are progressing and with our prayers and strong faith in GOD everything will be okay.
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