Wednesday, March 16, 2011

21 Weeks!!!!

I am way into 21 weeks and this post is somewhat late... So far week 21 has been going smoothly.. the baby is moving more and he seems to be responding to our voices.. My belly is getting bigger, I got seats offer on the train- I am glad people are aware of my big belly... still no crazy craving..

 Over the weekend i started feeling pain in my left shoulder and from that point on I knew exactly what was going on... It's the Sickle cell crisis that was taking over my body, My shoulder hurts to the point where i could not let my left hand down. I spent  weekend and this week taking  Tylenol. When i first visited my doctor i was told that throughout the pregnancy i would have some type of crisis as the baby gets bigger. the reason for that is because my body is going to be overwhelmed with  all the changes, and there's always the what if questions? the doctor is not taking any chances with not having me under close watch.  I am very hopeful that pain is not going to control my pregnancy. I have faith in God. Right now i am drinking plenty of fluid, stay stress free and fatigue free. I have the best doctor to help with the sickle cell and the pregnancy.

Besides the pain in the shoulder, everything else is great. I finally told my dad about me getting my own place and being pregnant. You might wonder why so late? well he was in Haiti for the winter season and he just came back to NEW YORK this week. His response was " OK i thought you were like 2 months pregnant" really no dad, i did like everyone else in the family. When they got pregnant they all waited until they were 5 months to make the big announcement. At the end of the conversation he understood my point and he was excited to be a grandpa again... So for now that's all I have......


Sophia said...

I did not know you have sickle cell, I have the trait!

Nadia said...

Yes I do... I have been blessed not to have so many crisis. As long as your hubby is does not have the trait you and the baby are good shape.