Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Babyshower Recap...

That's Mike enjoying the chair
Moi having fun!!!!!!
Moi and my Lovely older sister... NOPE WE ARE NOT TWINS


Mike (the dad), me and my dad

Me and my lovely niece, She is a model...
Me and my beautiful mom
 I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend....well for starters, I had a great warm weekend and it was also the baby shower. Mike and I had a wonderful time, the family and friends were there to show us their support. We got plenty of gifts from the register and lots of baby clothes, also some cash and gift cards ... I was very happy to have my mom, my sister and Mike there to make the baby shower happened. They really did a great job setting up everything...I would like thank my hubby Mike, my mom and my sister for all there help, without them it would not have been possible... Now we have all the gifts pile up in one corner in the house, we are working on getting all the clothes wash by this weekend and have at least the diaper bag ready for the hospital. My lovely mother agrees to buy the crib for her grand-child (Thanks, Mom).. Now I am in the hunt for good crib. My mom and my sister think I should wait until birth to buy the crib, I don't really want to do that, because I could go in labor anytime since I am high risk.
That's it for now....more to come..

Enjoy the rest of the week...
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