Monday, May 23, 2011

Time to get the Crib

I only have 2 more months to go until we greet our precious little guy into this world and I am still having a hard time picking out a crib for him. I have been looking at JC PENNY website for some great deals, Baby R US, and Target. We are looking for a sturdy crib that we can afford, with great quality that we can change into a toddler bed in the future. My goal is to buy a crib with a dresser at a great price. I am sure there are more websites with great deals but I have not been looking anywhere else.  Below are the cribs that I have interest on getting.

On the side note: I am at 31 weeks and I only have 9 weeks left and baby boy is doing so wonderfully, kicking and playing mommy and daddy. He respond to my touch whenever he makes a ball and i touch him. My belly has gotten longer and everyone on the street never thinks it's a girl, they always said " it's boy i just know" I think it's because I am not gaining weight all over but just having a long bell. Friday is my next appointment and I am excited.......... Saturday is the baby shower, my sister is coming from Atlanta to help us out and I am getting so nervous as it gets closer. I don't like people staring at me and Saturday that's all they are going to do.... Hopefully my friends will be my side to keep me company.

Below are the cribs that I have in mind.
Clearance! Espresso  Finish "Tori" Cribthis is from JC PENNY and it's reduced to $250 but the shipping is another $100 plus

Closeout! Honey Oak Christie Crib this one is also from JC Penny on sale for $250, it comes in 5 other colors

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