Wednesday, May 25, 2011

31 Weeks pregnant!!!

I'm so excited to get this far, I have 9 more weeks to go and so much to do....I am doing well and so is my baby boy. Now that he might be close to 4 pounds I have been feeling very tired,  I get back pain at night time when i lay flat on my back, the frequent trip to the bathroom never seems to fail . On Tuesday I saw my Hemothology doctor and he was excited to see my progress,  my blood was drawn and the count is high, my breathing is so much better, no more fluid in the lung or crack ( Thank YOU JESUS). The sickle cell is under control, I just have to keep myself hydrated and get plenty of rest.  I don't have to see him until after birth unless something major comes up.. ..I thank the Lord everyday for this blessing... Maybe by Monday I will start shopping for the crib with my sister. We are so excited for the arrival of our son...
Saturday is the baby shower and we have so much to get done. Our theme colors are Green and Blue, for decoration we bought balloons, banners and sister came from Atlanta today to help with shower..Friday is my prenatal appointment and I can't wait...
More news to come..
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