Monday, May 2, 2011

28 Weeks!!! Almost there!!!!

I am 28 weeks and a few days, I just can't believe that I am half way there, half way to the end zone. Everyday I think the Lord Savior for this miracle, I enjoy and love every minute of my pregnancy, no complain there!  It's also the third Trimester, time really does come fast. Since the hospitalization I have been doing wonderfully. Since coming from the hospital my prenatal appointment have been changed to every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks. Here's an update from last week's appointment.
  • Baby boy is very Active
  • baby boy weighs 2 pounds, hanging there my angel mommy and daddy love you
  • the kicks are much stronger
  • had an ultrasound done and the doctor wants to me come back in a week just to monitor the fluid in the amniotic sac.
  • my doctor is not really concerned about the fluid but it's good to have more eyes than none. 
  • at this stage baby boy is in a breech position but the doctor says he has plenty of time to turn, it's still early. 
  • no protein in the urine
  • Bloop Pressure is normal
  • my hemoglobin level has gone up... Thank you God!!!
  • my weight has gone up to 139
  • my breathing got better, no more coughing
  • Frequent urination continues
  • My neck has started to itch again, it's getting darker and so is the black line in my belly
  • here and there I have difficulty finding a good spot on the bed to sleep

Overall the doctor was happy to see the progress and hoping that everything will continue to stay that way. Thursday 5/5 is my other ultrasound appointment and hopefully everything will be okay.
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