Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's be hopeful!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Ayden is doing well and today he had an appointment with the hematology to check for his platelets. During Ayden's last doctor's visit his platelets count was at 84 and the goal was to come back in 2 weeks in anticipation of getting a better number. Unfortunately today his platelets went down drastically to 22, it's a heart breaker for me to handle. it is a critical time because we have to be very care full with Ayden, he can't have any cuts or bruises on his body and he have to supervise his body for any trace of blood. I don't like seeing my child sick, I get very stress and worry all the times. All I want is for Ayden's visit to the hematology to end However, from what we heard today there's a possibility for him to be hospitalized if the platelets continue to get lower. Usually by 4 weeks the platelets should be cleared so we are hopeful by this Friday it should go up. Honestly, as a new mom I am very worried about the health of my child especially when you have to see the doctor more than once. I have to keep praying. it's really hard not to think about what's going although everyone is telling you that your child is healthy and everything will be okay.
I took these pictures while I was trying on the shoes on him.
His first little shoes

Im so comfortable on my daddy's lap


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