Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 weeks

I can't believe I am 3 weeks into postpartum. Since Ayden now is a resident in my house, I have been very busy with keeping up with his schedule and mine. Life has been very different now that I have somebody to tend to, to care for and love. I am beyond happy with my son by side.

Ayden is now 3 weeks and is doing so well. Eating, sleeping and pooping are his favorite things so far. He is very alert and starting to control his head. He does not take the breast like I would have wanted him to, however he takes the breast milk from the pump. The pediatrician wants me to continue with the approach but Ayden really gets upset when he is around it. He has his day when he takes the breast milk, I am just happy that I am able to provide him the real nutritious fortified milk and save some money for now.
Daddy goes back to work today and we miss him already, I am now trying to get use to be alone with him. My hubby does so much with Ayden and words can't explain how much work he puts in putting everything together for him. He is such a great dad to his son and happy to have him as the father of Ayden. The help from my sister and my mom will be needed  much more now. I really love spending quality time with my son, he is such a blessing and a gift from God.

We love you Ayden


Sunny said...

His name is so adorable!!!

Nadia said...

Hi Sunny, from the time we found out the sex of the baby, the name Ayden becomes our only choice.