Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Month

Last Friday our amazing son Ayden turned a month and we are so blessed to have him. We could not have done much celebration because he was hospitalized due to his low platelets. Yep, the platelets went really low from 84,24,then 14. It's really devastating to see our son had to through all this. We really have no control over the platelets.  Friday night he received the IGIV transfusion, it will help boost up his platelets and we were lucky to have it up on Sunday morning. Usually the platelets suppose to leave body within 4 weeks however that's not the case with Ayden. We are on follow ups with the hematology and our goal is to have a steady number around 125 or higher.

Ayden my angel you are one month and here is what you have been up to:

  • Mommy and Daddy were very happy to welcome you into the world
  • you are the happening in our lives
  • you spent nine 9 days in the NICU due to the low platelets after birth
  • you have gained about 4 pounds since birth
  • you now weight 10 pounds and getting very tall
  • you can't fit 0-3 months outfit anymore
  • you are now wearing  size 3-6 and 6-9 months
  • you are still sleeping in the bassinet but soon would be transferred into the crib
  • you are very alert with sound, lights, and images
  • you start to follow mommy and daddy with your eyes
  • you are eating very well, you take the breast milk mostly from the bottle
  • you also take the formula only when necessary
  • you have a great smile
  • you don't like the heat at all
  • your sleep pattern through the night is normal and we are thankful for only waking up 3 times in the night (fingers crossed)
  • During tummy times you are able to lift your head up and turn it from left to right
  • you have good grip and reflex
  • you love taking baths, you are very calm when it's bath time

Dear Ayden,
we are so blessed to have  you as a child and we thank God everyday. As new parents we are learning as we go and we really thank you for your patience. We will do everthing we can to continue making you happy. Remember both sides of the family loves you.
Love Always,

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