Friday, February 4, 2011

The BIG 30

At 16 weeks At the doctor's office
Today I turn 30 and I could not have been any happier...29 came and gone but I have had a lot of great memories, beginning with find out that I can actually have a baby without the help of fertility. Well after having the surgery back in 08 where part of the the ovary was removed because of the a cyst that was rupture. It was cleared to me by the doctors that it would be very difficult to conceive. It was a hard decision to face and i did not know how I was going to cope with the thought of not being able to bear a child. it was really tough on us, when everyone else was having baby left to right. For the past 3 years Mike and I have been trying to have a baby and every month it was a disappointed month, but WE never stop believe, never loss faith because I know with power of the Lord Savior that one day my turn will come. Well this past thanksgiving we found out we were pregnant, the greatest gift ever. I was on top of the world because my OBGYN USED TO TELL ME THAT FERTILITY IS THE BEST WAY TO GO....I know he was right but I was not ready for that yet, too young to be thinking about not be able to conceive... THE BEST FEELING IS WHEN BOTH TESTS CAME OUT WITH THE PLUS SIGN, WHAT A RELIEF!!!!
Today on my birthday marks week 16 and everything is going great, the baby is doing great and my next appointment is next month. Super excited! by then I will feel the baby kicks, and know for sure the sex of the baby. So many milestones to reach.  I just love it.... Thank you Lord for this day and for everything... We are so thankful !!!!!!

PS. We are going to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe....

To be continued.......
Have a great weekend!!!!
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