Sunday, February 13, 2011

17 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

So excited!
I'm so excited to reach 17 weeks. Every week is a blessing for us and I am thankful for week 17. I am feeling great, the baby is in good health. Here's what I have been up to since the new week started:
  • I can feel the baby kick although it's not a strong kick. It feels good to know the baby is having fun in there. I feel the kick while on the train, at work and while watching TV it's an amazing feeling and I would not trade it for anything else. We love you so much such.
  • Frequent urination continues
  • Baby bump is getting bigger and my tops are getting smaller, time to hit the start for some tops and pants... I am excited for spring because I get to wear dresses with no heavy coat..... I just can't wait!
  • Next doctor appointment in March
  • I eat more and more everyday.... Thank God I am not craving junk fund
  • I tend to be cranky at night, I can't find a good position on the bed. I should get the body pillow.
  • I made the announcement at work last week. So everyone can stop with their confusing look. Everyone in department is excited and willing to help me with work
  • Macys my favorite store had a big sale the other day and I just could not wait, so I got some baby stuff a great price... Everyone kept telling to wait a little longer until i start shopping, it's bad luck. you know what! I am a strong believer in God and I know with His will and power everything will be okay for us. I am staying positive and continue to pray
they look so adorable
    All these are 3 pieces  and I am so lucky to get them at a great price. He is going to look to so handsome like his father

      I hope you have a great work week!

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      Mike said...

      Yes so am i baby... That's my lil baby in your oven... i love you

      Nadia said...

      thank you babe... It's been a long time coming!!!!! I am excited for us....I love you too:)

      Bronzed Beauty said...

      Aww...those outfits are soo cute! Have you started picking out names as yet?

      Nadia said...

      No not yet... I hope to do that soon... and those outfits were only 4 bucks at macys. I saved over 300 bucks that day.

      Sophia said...

      You look lovely!