Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 18!!!!

This week I have reached the 18th week into the pregnancy and I am so blessed for each passing week. The baby is doing so much this week and I can see the result in my growing belly.
Since the last post I have been very lazy to do another the post, lately I feel very tired doing absolutely nothing. Although I had a long weekend, I barely did anything.

AT 18 WEEKS!!!

  • My belly has gotten bigger and now my coat is getting tighter. Please spring I a waiting for you.
  • I got some Maternity tops from Gap over the weekend since nothing seems to fit
  • Back pain has gotten stronger every now and then.
  • No cravings
  • People have noticed that I am excepting, it's not my little secret any more.
  • I plan on telling the good news to  my other siblings on my father side sometimes this month.
  • it has gotten a lot more difficult for me to sleep on my right side.

Enjoy it!!!!!!!!
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