Sunday, June 7, 2009

Exercise, Shopping

Happy Sunday!!!!

it's such a beautiful day there's no way i am going to stay in the house. Hearing the birds chirping on the trees make me feel like I am in the Caribbean laying on the beach. I woke up so early, hopefully I will get a chance to go to pathmark or target. On Friday I clipped out all the coupons so that I could be ready for Sunday food shopping. I am so excited and hopefully i will not go all out on spending all the cash.

On Saturday I did several laps on the field and i felt very good, the field was very crowded with people training and all the kids playing baseball. Sometimes i feel really sad because i can't really do much exercise except for walking; so before I am back in the emergency room I should just take it easy and follow what my doctor had said which is to just do the walking and take everything one step at a time. From watching " I want to save your life" on WETV it's very crucial that people get at 30 minutes of some sort of exercise and eating healthy. that's exactly what i am trying to incorporate in my everyday life.

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