Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something new That i discover

birth.jpgImage by Jyn Meyer | Photographer via Flickr

The other day I was flipping the channels when I landed on " The Discovery Health", I was captivated by what I was watching. Several shows about women giving birth and all the details about what happened; I was amazed by what I was watching, seeing all these adorable babies make me want a child even more. I just can't wait for my turn to get pregnant. I really enjoy the show calls " I did not know I was Pregnant" because it shows how women can go on for almost 9 months without having a hint of being pregnant. I am very fascinating by what i am learning from this channel, so for the whole week i am watching "baby week" and much more. sometimes it's good to give those reality shows a break and take on something new, educational and fun.
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