Friday, June 12, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Sometimes I have to be the bigger person and just walk away and pretend they don't even exist. Yeah, that's my other sisters on my father side. I would sincerely like the siblings rivalry that has been going on for more than 10 yrs to end some day. I have 3 older sisters on my father side and these 3 girls have been nothing but headache to me and my other sister on my mom side. I really don't know what to do anymore, how to deal with the anger they show when they see me ( for instance, if i am at a party and I happen to dress more sophisticated than them it's a problem, the staring never stop and talking to other people about me.) Whenever I notice this kind of behavior i just pretend we are not in the same room. This battle goes on for years i have always stayed in the corner and not said anything, even when my brothers where trying to fight Me and My Sister.

Back when i was living in Haiti that's when the problem started, since i was not that old to stand up and fight for myself they had their ways over us. To make the story short, when my father left for America some 20 years ago he decided he would send money for mom to come to join him in New York. So my mom left when I was only 2 years old, that's when all the hate started because they feel that mom should not be the one going to New York, it should have been their mom.

so to this day there's a grudge and i don't know even know why however, my sister and I decided that we would not let these people to be our problem. so everyone tries to be civil, whenever we meet them we would stop and try to have a conversation with them, but the cold face always there; and that's how it has been for years now.

2 years ago my brother's wife gave birth to twins prematurely a boy and girl, because they live so close I was always there to help them out everyday. They wanted me to be one of the God-mother of one of the twins, I was so thrilled to become the God-mother of one of them with that said i did not want to choose because the little girl was in the hospital fighting for her life. They did a drawing I picked the boy and the parents decided that my other sister on my father side would be the God-mother of the girl. OMG!!!!! I don't know what happened the war had started again, they wanted to fight me, they did not want the girl because she was sick in the hospital. The way these people think is so ridiculous, I keep thinking to myself that they have no common sense at all; for them to try to keep this family apart is out flat barbaric. Since they did not want to me to be God-mother I decided that I would let my sister-in-law knows that I won't take part in the Christening. Moreover, a lot of people told me i should have not let go but you know what I really don't like being watched or hated and it's best for me because i want to be stress free. I still visit my brother but i am trying not to be too involved with his children although it's really hurtful that i can't really be part of my nephews lives like I would like to be because of these girls.

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