Saturday, October 10, 2009

Columbus Day sale!!!!!!

Huge sale going on throughout all the retails environment. Stores like Macys, Lord and Taylor are having a really good sale on boots for the fall. This is the time to buy the boots that are in style now. At or in the store you could get 30% off if you buy 3 pairs of shoes, boots or mixture of both, 2 pair you could get 25% off and 15% if you buy one pair. I had an awesome time shopping online at the other day; I got such a great deal I figure I would spread the love all the readers. If shopping online at you could also get  an additional 20% if using your macys credit card. To get the 20% off just look for the coupon online and apply the code at the end of the purchase. Lord and Taylor has the same sale except that when you buy 1 pair of boots you could get 25% off and 2 or more it's 30% off.

When buy these boots it's important to shop around the web first before making the final decision. It's more likely you will either get free shipping or the price will be cheaper with additional coupons. These fancy boots are the boots to die for especially if you like flat riding boots. They are very elegant with whatever you choose to style them with and they have a swagger like no other boots.

This is BORN and they are supper comfortable and durable. If you live in NEW YORK CITY and commuting is a part of your work ritual then this the boots for you. This boots also comes in suede if you're a fan of suede.

 These cool ridding  studded boots and they are from Frye- Paige Studded are totally on trends and easily take your breath away, they are durable although it's a bit pricey, your money will be worth it.


 This is from Bandolino and they are a classic riding boots without having the horse to ride on. Easy to wear and the heels are very acceptable. Great boots if you're going to on your feet all day.

This is from Michael Kors and they are gorgeous with the studs on the sides.

This  Almond-shaped toe is from Miz Mooze and they are adorable, I love them from the first time I laid my eyes on them. Very confortable easy to pull off, one additional bonus is that it comes with extra heels (if the heels are worn out you can easily replace them)

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