Monday, October 26, 2009

Lets Go YANKEES!!!! They're back!

Yes,  that's right my Yankees are going to the world Series.... After nearly 9 years out of the post season,  it feels so good to see all the men in pinstripe celebrating the beginning of a quest to win their 27th championship title. I believe this year is the year for the NEW YORK YANKEES to be the world Champion. This is our year and it does not matter what other people have to say about them.... We have a good Pitching team to name a few CC Sabathia, Andy Petitte, including our best closer in the league Mariano Rivera and don't forget about our sluggers Alex Rodriguez who is Mr. October, Derek Jeter the captain of the YANKEES, Robinson Canoe, Mark Teixeira and the list goes on and on...  This is what it's about in NEW YORK CITY, baseball in October, you just can't ask for more. Throughout of the 09 season the yankees have worked their butts off to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs and including the finals.  Having to be the best team with the best winning record in the league is really something special. Now, they have 4 or 6 more games to play to keep the celebration going. . I am proud of my Yankees and I can't wait for Wednesday for game 1 of the world Series to begin in the BRONX.... I can tell you right now, the 4, D and the B are going to be very crowded with fans all over New York...... So if you're going to the game make sure you leave extra early...
Celebration in NY Style.... The captain Derek Jeter is having fun this year...

That's how the Bronx Bombers do it.

Celebrate good times... Yankees are going to the World Series.

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