Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sherri Show back stage

I was not looking forward to do anything after work on Friday, but I decided to go check out Macys since it's been a while since I have been there. While looking around at Macys my good friend from College Melissa called me from Manhattan Mall so that we could do something talking and window shopping. I left Macys and went over to meet her, that's when I saw a lady from the production crew with a sign that said "Sherri"; so I stopped and asked what this is about? The answer I got made me jump and I started screaming, So I called Melissa back and told her there's 2 seats left and we will be in the audience while the show is being taped. That's the greatest thing about NYC, opportunity always presents itself. How lucky was I to find out I will be on the set of the production of the Sherri show, she is one of the co-host of the View in addition to be a comedian.

I have been to  many talk shows before but being on set of comedy show was the my first time. I was amazed by how many takes they had to do, how many times the actors forgot their lines and you could hear the director screaming " cut, cut" " roll back and action" "start from the beginning  with more energy". The casts were very calm and really you could tell they are here as a big happy family. Everyone respect each other and really helping each other out when one missed their lines. very often you hear people are having a dispute or a fight among them however, these casts have a great chemistry and that's very crucial when you are spending more than 4 hours per day with a bunch of people.
Production has always be on my mind since I have a degree in Television and Radio Production. All the production crew on the set were fantastic, from the camera guys to the make up artists. The audience was unbelievable in addition, there was a comedian to keep us laugh between takes and breaks. I was there for about 4 hrs and I really did not mind at all. I had a great laugh just being in the audience and I really like the outcome of the show. I am so looking forward for the next taping.

That's me in the lobby of the studio.

ok That's after the show, Sherri was greeting everyone as they leave the studio.

That's Melissa and I on the set of the Sherri Show.

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