Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recap of my borther's wedding

I had a great time there on Saturday, although it was very cool and i did not have a sweater to put on. I saw family members that I have not seen in 2 years or more, It was the first time in long time that all 9 of my brothers and sisters were in the same room except my other sister who lives in ATLANTA GA. As you know some were happier than others but what can I do, I had fun and i am happy for my brother. We took family photo and i got to see my nephew and other cousins i have not seen in years.
The ceremony took place in the bark yard with all the family members around, the bride looked stunning and so was the groom. Being at the ceremony and saw how everything worked out, I was very impressed because you can have your wedding anywhere and it will come out beautiful. Being organized also play a big role in preparing a small wedding. The food at the wedding was very delicious there was drink provided but i was too cold to even put a cold drink in my mouth.
I make sure i took pictures of my mom and dad together although my mom did not want to. it's very important for me to have them stand together to take snap shop.

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