Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a week!!!!!

I am so happy that this week is finally come to an end. I was working non-stop and did not really have anytime for myself. Well for starters; since we are short of staff at work it has become a lot more difficult for me because i have more responsibilities than ever. somebody else had to go on vacation and we were down to just 3 of us. I certainly thought that everything was going to be just fine.
Well I thought wrong because all kinds of thing started happening, the supervisor had to be off work because of the storm that passed in Yonkers NY Tuesday night. A huge tree crashed in her parents home while her mom was asleep,I have seen the video and it aches my heart to see that on your birthday when you're supposed to be happy there you are running and creaming because your mom is pinned down by debris and a tree. I really understood what she was going through and now that she is living in hotel until they can find somewhere safe to reside.
Meanwhile at work was a different story I felt like i was all by myself since I had to do everything. I am a quick learner I was learning things in a matter of minutes and it's really horrible because i felt i was also managing myself. There's no communication going on in my department and it's really not fair because things are not working as fast as they supposed to. Although I have been working there for a year I learned a whole and i will take these obstacles as challenges and i am so glad that i conquer them. Now i can breath easier and just continue to learn and work my out of the department.

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