Thursday, July 2, 2009



I had no idea i would be that much busy with work, right now we are short handed and i have the most work to get done. The other day I left work at 6:30 and was very tired on my way home. I really get upset because i had to do most of the work. I am always volunteering to help people when they need help. Since I have other responsibilities now I feel i can't even eat in peace without rushing to get back on the PC, I am always on the run even when i have to use the ladies room. When I first find out that I would be having extra work to get done, everyone volunteer to help whenever the work load is a lot. Since we just started in new Quarter I waited patiently to see who would come and help and like always no one come to help. By the grace of GOD I got everything done and I finally can breath easy now.

Right now, someone else is going on vacation and I just found out the other day that I have to learn other stuff so that I can cover up that person's work too. Come on i only have 2 hands with lots of work to get done. If I was to be like everybody who just do their work and nothing else they would have been in trouble. I have a very good work ethic, I don't wait on the manager to tell me this needs to get done, I know when someone else is out that i need to pick up and start working. However, the problem is i am the only one who is always ready to get work done. It's supposed to be a team but some people make individual work. What Can you do? when you don't make enough money but you're working more than everyone else. That's so unfair. It's a lesson that i am learning and hopefully very soon i can start looking else where.

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