Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend, I hung out with my very good friend we had an awesome time out. We saw TRANSFORMER in Imax, that so was exciting, the sound, the pictures everything came out great. I tend not to go see movies during their first week out because the theater gets too crowded with kids and obnoxious people too. Saturday was the best time to go see Transformer and with a much older audience. Shia Leboeuf is the man what else can i say about him. Transformer is one of my favorite in ACTION MOVIE so far this year. Nicola and I were catching up since we have not seen each other in more than a month, it feels so good to hang out with her she is like my sister. I met Nicola while working at Macys and our friendship just take a jump for the best and we continue to do everything together. Nicola is a great friend and i am blessed to have her in my company.

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