Monday, September 14, 2009

FootBall Season is here...

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Here we are again going into the first week of the NFL.... I am super excited for this new season of football, I am a huge fan of sports and seriously football is the "it", there something about watching your team play and here you are in front of the TV screen creaming and yelling when something goes wrong. Football is everything you can ask for in sports, the excitement that the games bring is like no other.

For those of you may not be familiar with the game here is some facts about the game I love and enjoy dearly.  The league consists of 32 teams in addition, it is divided into 2 leagues; American Football Conference (AFC) and National football Conference (NFC). The regular season is 17 weeks and each teams have one bye week (week off) and play 16 weeks.
Here in New York we have 2 teams of every sports, The NY Jets and the NY Giants who won the SuperBowl in 2008.  I like both NY teams and when they play each other I just cheer on both teams. Hopefully this season the JETS will be successful with the new rookie quarterback Mark Chancez. I had a chance to watch the JETS played on sunday I thought the running game was on point and as long as they don't turn the ball over and excecute all the third down play they will in be on top of the list. There are other teams that I sincerly enjoy watching and some teams that I just love to hate... for instance, I like the The Indiannopolis Colts, The New Orleans Saint and so on... The team I could not careless for is the New England Patriots, I really don't like them and hopefully this season they are not going to win.

I am just excite and optimistic about this new season of football.....
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