Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A New hand Bag for Moi

I know I should not be shopping but I could not stop myself from buying this Dooney and Bourke bag on Friday at Macys. I spent about 30 minutes holding on to the bag before I made the decision, I even called  my hubby Michael and asked if I should get it or not. Well I ended up buying the bag and the original price was $235 and I got it for $115. I rarely spend that much money on a handbag but I just could not leave it, I had to take home...  I know I am going to have enough use for this bag since fall is here and it's color coordinating  for my  brown Northface coat  comes winter time. I really like the color I always go for the tan/brown whenever I go shopping. The bag is fairly big, everything should fit and then some, it has adjustable strap so when I start wearing my coat or a thick sweater it should not be a problem. I know shopping for hand bag is my guilty pleasure and it's very difficult to say no to a hand bag like that one. I am going to enjoy the bag and I am happy with the choice I make.

Happy reading!

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