Saturday, September 5, 2009

Michael Vick deserves a second chance

Michael Vick what i can really say about him... He is a great quarter back for those of you like football should know that. He sometimes runs the football better than a running back.. Until 2 years ago he was accused of dog fighting in his home in Virginia and was sentenced to 2 years in jail. While he was in jail plenty of animal activists protested around his home and whenever he was going to court, the protesters would be outside with posters and signs.. I really could understand their frustration because it's animals that were being killed... at the same he went to jail and paid his deed. in addition, he was suspended from the NFL and he was let go by his team the Atlanta Falcon, no teams wanted to hear from him when he was ready to come out..

This year he got out of jail and started training at home and hoping he would be picked by a team. It took him a while because he was not illegible to play for numbers of weeks... when he got reinstated no teams were thinking of picking him up until the eagle decided they would pick him and he would be playing behind Donovan McNabb.. that story was a big one since no one wanted Michael Vick... I was really happy for him because he finally find a place to play...

so now on Thursday he came to play in NY against the JETS and the crowd would not stop calling him all kinds of names off the book and all the fans were barking non stop... I don't think it's fair at all because when you have a rapist on the loose i don't see no one goes around and start protesting against the rapist who would be out of jail in no time.. or a murder who got away from prison... You know that's how society works because people care more about animals more than the well being of Humans... very sad..

I think Michael Vick deserves and second chance because he makes mistakes like everyone else and there are people who did worse than him.. I am supporting him and he should be left alone....

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