Friday, May 29, 2009

birthday pictures

As you know yesterday was my fiancee birthday because it was a gloomy day with rain and sun, we decided to stay in the neighborhood by going to Applebees. I have never been there, so i was super excited because the place looks very relaxing and i am thinking the food must be delicious. Well the waitress was OK, and the food choice was very limited, so i ordered the "weight-watcher" meal with 300 or so calories because after reviewing everything else i did not to get anything that was going to high in calories. When the waitress brought the food over I could not believe my eyes; I had 3 tiny pieces of fish and less than a spoon of rice with few branches of broccoli. furthermore, I was told that's how the food is served. All i wanted to do was having fun with my fiancee which we did. My PC is acting up now so i have to add the rest of the pictures in new posting.

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