Thursday, May 21, 2009

my fancy dress- sale at Macys

I really like that dress its from KensieGirl- I had on legging because the dress is a little too short for work.

This is what I was wearing on Wednesday, I went at Macy's with my fiancee and he snapped that shot. Since it's Memorial Day there's a huge SALE at Macy's, I was happy to go there. It's been a while since I last bought something there, as you know i am keeping low when it comes to shopping. So I got few Items and so did my fiancee at a very low price, in addition to all the coupons we had. My fiancee and I are very cool and understand one another, so instead of buying clothes for him next week when the sale is not going to be as great, I decided that he will get some of his gift earlier than expected; He really appreciated because he knows the more I save the better we will be for tomorrow. I AM all about bargain and yes indeed I have found really good deal at Macy's. I really enjoy shopping at MACY'S.

It's a long holiday weekend i have no plan in the my book for anything at all. Since my Fiancee will be working I might take my cute little nephew to go see the Night at the Museum, hopefully he wont cry .

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Shirley said...

Your dress is really very beautiful and fancy. Well, I am sooo excited about Macy's Memorial Day Sale.