Friday, May 15, 2009

Brighter smile with confidence:)

As you can see my teeth are getting lighter and lighter, I am so greatful to Crest Whitening Sealed by Crest. I am happy and very confident about the direction i want to take in life.

I am so thankful today that I can smile without hesitation, without blocking my face with my hands because i was afraid what people would said when they notice my teeth. For several years my teeth had changed color and would not obey any type of toothpaste that i have tried. I have tried several methods to make my teeth whiter and nothing was working. Until recently I started clipping coupons and then i noticed in the ad there was a coupon for Crest Whitening Strip, I cut the coupons and I did my research online about the product. The product review was a great excellent source of information that i could not resist.
After reading all the review and how everyone was praising this product; Usually I would not rush in the store to buy it however, with all of the great testimony given by consumers make run to the store right away. I waisted no time and I went to Rite Aid( like CVS) by my house and I got the Crest Advanced Seal for $25. from $45. with my coupons. To make things work faster I use the Tooth paste by Crest called Crest Pro-Health, this product is also unbelievable and it does not burn :). I started to see result on the third day of using the products, OMG! I could not believe it, my Really yellow teeth started to be lighter day by day. Now I buy this product on a regular basic with my coupons and when it's on sale, I use it everyday. I really enjoy the Crest Advanced Seal and i will not stop using this product.
Thanks to this product I gain my confidence back, I can smile without covering my mouth or turn so people would not see me smile. I am happier now, I talk when I feel like it, I can go to any meeting and actually talk without hesitation. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone out there.

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