Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy birthday to my fiancee M.

Happy birthday to you sweetheart!!!!!!!!!

Today 5/28 M. is celebrating his birthday and i could not have been more happier. Well since last week i have been buying him gifts and this morning I gave a pair of jeans from Sean John with matching t-shirt that he wanted, accompanied with lovely Card with lots of my thoughts in it. M. is really happy with his gifts and we are going to have dinner later on tonight. he is not really into the whole birthday cake and having a party thing, so i have to keep it very small; Although my sister wanted me to get him a cake. Since it's a beautiful day M. is fishing in Central Park, he just told me that he caught a big fish but unfortunately he had to put it back in the water:(; That's the policy when fishing out Central Park, one can't take the fish home. Well for dinner i was thinking of suhi or olive garden, so at least he has options to choose from.

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