Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am still here

Happy Wednesday,

I know it's been awhile since i last wrote on the blog. Lately I have been very busy with work and home so i have not gotten a chance to check out the blog and post anything. Well things have been good around my way, I have spent lots of time with my new born nephew, he is getting bigger and Jonathan is right there to give his baby brother a kiss every minute of the day. I went to my other nephew 2nd birthday party and my neices confirmation, on the invitation card the time was 6PM so I took a cab which i ended up paying $25.00 for. I arrived at 7 PM only to find out that the party would not start until 9:30. Since the party started late, few people had left with their childre before they even sing " Happy Birthday", I on the other hand did not leave the party until it was over which was at 2 AM.

My fiancee and I are enjoying the spring, we've gone to the baseball game to watch the NY Mets played, it was very interesting because it was our first time at the new stadium. We took lots of pictures and our sits were not that far up. The stadium is very beautiful, lots of space to hang out before the game starts. Sitting in the stadium while the game is playing is different compare to when you're at home watching the game on TV, I was looking everywhere, at everything and listening to obnoxious fans screaming and yelling; it's really a different atmosphere I can't wait to go back again. In next 2 weeks it will be his birthday and i have to get ready to prepare something for him. I have no idea what to get him as a present, hopefully it will come to mind when the day gets closer.

In the next few months we are going to starting shopping for apartment, i am mostly looking on the outer skirt of the Bronx. I have checked and hopefully I will go to meet with a realtor to discuss the possibility of renting an apartment. I somehow slow down with the shopping for the apartment but if we have to move now I have lots of stuff ready to go. Remember I am always open to comments and critics.

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