Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post Memorial Day w/end

I am so tired, I felt like i have been working non-stop over the holiday weekend. That's not even the case, I hardly did anything besides taking my nephew to the park on Monday. That's where the fatigue came from, my cute little nephew whom i adore is only 1 and half he has this thing where he can't walk if the sun is blasting in his face. So throughout the day on Monday he was pretending to be sleeping and i had to carry him from point A to point B. although it was a battle for him to walk we managed to have a great time in the park; it's Riverside Park so everyone from Washington Heights and everywhere else we there, he played with other kids and danced to every beats he heard. I still care for him but i just wish he would try to walk sometimes.

My fiancee came to the park later on after work, he wanted to go fishing so i was so excited because i have never done this kind of activities before. It was really fun sitting on the rocks and hearing the current hitting the side of the bricks. At one point we had to stop because my fiancee is allergic to shrimps and he somehow touch the shrimps, within the next 5 minutes his lips was getting bigger and his arms were turning red. It was really frightening to see these bumps on his lips, He washed his hands and we stopped the fishing right away. Lesson learned next time we go fishing we will use other meat no more shrimps.
Even though we had all to face all these problems in the park we still had fun and that's what matters.
I have pictures i will post them on Wednesday because i left my phone at home.

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