Friday, May 1, 2009

I have another nephew-big boy:)

Happy Friday,

This is week has been a good week so far. I went to a quarterly full staff meeting and while i was there , I visited the headquarter of Cablevision in Long Island. The full staff meeting was very informative, I learned about the station's programming and the network support. It was cool to be out of the office for a whole day, plus the weather was very pleasant. It was cool to see how the process of how live events unfold in television.

Aside from the meeting; my sister-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday night, i could not have been happier. After what happened last year when one of the twins died, while the baby never made it home. It was a heart break for my whole family, loosing a child is unbearable. To make a long story short, in 2007 while pregnant she had complication and gave birth to twins very early in the pregnancy. She had a boy and a girl, the boy weighed 3 pounds while the girl weighed actually nothing. She was the smallest baby i have never seen, but after a long battle she was taken from us at 9 months.

Thank GOD we have the boy to keep us going, now my nephew is almost two and he is the happiest child ever. I am happy for my sister in law because now she has a healthy boy who is already responding to sound. My older nephew somehow does not really understand that he has a little brother in the house, so he continues to do what he does best; which is running everywhere and making noise thinking his little brother is able to play with him. Now I have to go buy gift and hopefully i will get to babysit both :). I LIKE GOOD STORY AND HER STORY REALLY MOVES ME. IT'S ALWAYS GOOD TO NEVER LOOSE HOPE.
I can't wait for when it's my turn to have a child, I just hoping the day comes soon. I know Michael will be a very good dad:)

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