Wednesday, May 20, 2009

new shade for only $5.00

only 5.00 around 34 st in NYC, now that's a price you can't beat.
Very simple and Unique. Now that's what I call bargain:)

so since it's a beautiful day outside in NYC, I decided to wear a very cute dress from Kensie with flat shoes. it's very sunny and the temperature is in the 80s today; since im really enjoying today I decided to get a pair of sunglasses. Although i would like to have them to fight the sun i just did not want to pay so much for it. So while walking down to Madison park on 23rd, I spotted a vendor along the way selling sunglasses, I chatted with him while i tried few of the shades he was selling. After looking and checking every other shades that he was selling I made up mind and kept that one; it's a brown shade that looks so different. I am not really a sunglasses type of chick but I am going to give that one a chance and see how long it will last. By the way I only pay $ 5.00 bucks for it, now if i had gone to MACYS it would have cost me an arm and a leg. Well since I am a bargain hunter it felt really good to pay only 5 bucks for it, another thing if I had gone to other vendors it would have been cheaper like 3 bucks or so.

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