Friday, May 15, 2009

5/12/09 Mets stadium. Citi Field That was before the game started, since it was our first time at the new stadium we managed to get really early to see how awesome this place look. Mets stadium Citi Field in Queens. By the way I was really prepared because it was kind of cold plus the stadium is by the ocean and the airport, so I had my winter scarf, extra layers and hat around. these accessories really came handy during the ball game. I really had an awesome time there with my fiancee:)

Good day!

it's friday and im happy so happy and excited cuz i will be taking a long walk coming home today. I just got my pedometer so i will be walking all weekend long. This is the only i can exercise so i will continue to do with lots of excitement. I have several pictures that WE took when we went to Mets vs. Atlanta on 5/12/09.

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