Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday Recap!

On Black Friday we woke up really around 3 am to go to target because we thought we would be able to get what we wanted to buy which was the flat screen TV that was on Special. It was madness by the time we got there although we got there by cab; we were at the back of the line, well after 5 minutes of being online that's when the crowd started to grow. It goes from all around the parking, i have never seen anything this but im just excited that it was too cold for me...There were people shopping with their kids and seriously real pregnant women and new born were out there. I really feel the parents pain for bringing their kids to this craziness because it will cost them an arm and a leg for baby sitting, especially in NYC. To make the customers feel better Target employees started to give out the reusable shopping bag to the first 500 customers and we got one. I have lots of use for this bag. After standing outside for 1 hour when we finally made to the stores it was sold out, wow we did all this for nothing. We got around 6:30 and I got on the internet and I found out that RadioShack had a sale on the Samsung tv and we decided to go there and got one. I am really enjoying this tv right now. the picture is clear and it has great sound.

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