Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November is Prematurity Awareness!!!!!!

November is Prematurity Awareness Month and I am proud to say I know several babies who were born prematurely. My nephew and his twin sister were born prematurely, as members of the family we were devasted  to find out how small and  sick they were and as result, one of the twin was in the hospital for 9 months and due to complication she did not make it past 9 months. For 9 months we were in and out of the hospital and it was very difficult for my brother and his wife to cope with the situation of loosing their precious little angel. The doctors did all they could and since her lungs was not fully developped it would have a miracle for her make it.  2 years later we are still struggling with the fact of not having her in our lives. My nephew is a healthy 2year old who loves to watch Nogging, and jump around, he is so active sometimes it's hard to keep with him.
13 Million babies are born prematurely each year worlwide, it is very important for the doctors, the parents, me and you to help prevent premature birth. By creating a wrist band you could help stop babies from being born too soon. Help celebrate the life a of baby or honor your own when you create a band. This cause is very close to my heart and I am sure you know or hear stories about baby born too soon and had to fight to survive and sometimes they don't make it past the 1st day. Your gift supports research and programs that give premature babies a fighting chance. Please spread the word around....If we all come together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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