Wednesday, November 25, 2009

These boots are made for me

Hello Everyone! Happy Thanks Giving!

The other day I mentioned that my favorite store MACYS was having a huge sale and I did go and get few things here and there. However, after being in the store for 30 minutes I noticed the Jessica Simpson shoes department was so crowded with all the shoes lovers, I really could not stay away even though i tried. I ended up buying this really cute black pair of boots online to add to the boots collection I have, it's called Jessica Simpson "Francilia". I really love this one, because it's so fashionable and since I commute on the train the 1 inch wedge heels are perfect, I could run downstairs with no worry of falling. It has adjustable buckles and cuff in addition, it comes in the color Dust Suede if you like Suede. Since I made the purchase online I made sure I had coupon and as result, I paid only $75.00 for them. What a bargain! only at Macys.

Happy Shopping and Have a healthy and safe Thanks Giving!

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