Monday, November 2, 2009


As you all know sunday 11/01 was the 40th annual ING MARATHON in New York City. This means part of the streets, the bridges, the tunnels across the 5 boroughs were closed for the occasion. The marathon attracts not only the professionals but for everyone in general, and it showed throughout the race to the last person running across the finish line in Central Park.  Many celebrities have ran the marathon in the past including P.DIDDY, KATIE HOLMES and the lists goes on and on. Thousands of spectators lined up in every corners of the streets to cheer on the runners. It's a big events for everyone who participated in the marathon. People have different reason for participate in the marathon, some are running for their parents, for their friends/family members who lost battle with cancer, for boyfriends/girlfriends who died in the war in Iraq,  some are running to help the community. It's a dream come true for others to have finally reached their goals. There are so many inspirational stories to why people are there running. It's incredible to see the smile on all of these faces as they cross the Brooklyn bridge
I give these people a lot of credit for running 26.2 miles in the 5 boroughs of NYC..

It's all about having fun while running.

Congrats to all who ran the marathon on Sunday!

There's no limit to who can run.

Thousand of spectators lined the streets of NYC to cheer of the runners as they ran by...

It was a gorgeous day out for the runners in NYC...

Central Park in NYC....

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