Monday, November 23, 2009

Huge saving on BLK Friday

OMG!!!!!!! I don't even know where to start. As you all know the day after Thanks Giving Black Friday is the busiest day in the Shopping calendar for all the savvy shoppers like myself. To get started with your holiday shopping lots of stores have offered great discount on almost everything from flat screen TV to Computer; to furniture to shoes. Retailers like target, macys, walmart, Kmart, are giving huge discounts. So all the Savvy Shoppers whether or not you're planning to make your way up to the stores early in the morning or decided to let the crowd diminish prior starting your shopping. These are some important facts you should do or know before going out of that door.

  • It's really important to manage your time: make a list of everything you're planning on buying. If shopping with other people it's crucial to split throughout the store in terms of finding the bargain and stay connected via phone.  
  • Do research whether it's online or asking others, review big products before making a decision of purchasing.  
  • Check out the store policy on return or exchange: some stores around the holiday have a lenient policy where you could return items after the 3 week of January. Unlike regular items electornics have different rules in terms of returning: Usually there's a re-stocking fee when returning computers, cameras etc, in addition you could only do return up to 15-30 days from the day of purchasing.
  • Compare prices check out to assist you in comparing product prices.
  • Beat the crowd and shop online: If you're an internet shoppers well good here's good news; many retailers will have their special promotion earlier than expected in their website which means, you could  order online instead of going out and stand on those long lines. Special like " web only" can start as early as Thanks Giving day.
This Friday Walmart is going to have a huge sale and if you're shopping online some items can't be found it's only in the stores, also rain check is not available.
Incredible In-Store Specials,This Friday Only

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