Saturday, November 21, 2009

Radio City Christmas Spectacular recap...

I had such a wonderful time last Sunday when we went to see the Rockettes. For the price of our tickets i really thought we were going to be sitting way up in the balcony, but instead we sat on the first floor and not too far from the stage. The place was crowded with kids and their parents, it was just a family night and i enjoyed every moment of it. The Rockettes were phenomenal from the beginning of the show to the end. although it was just a one hour show  it was really worth it and it's the best way to ushering the holiday season. it really was a dream come true for me after so many years of wanting to see the girls that I finally got the chance to do it... If ever in the New York City area please stop by Radio City Music Hall to see the show, it's the greatest show ever.

 That's after the show has ended.. it was so difficult to take pictures because people was constantly cutting me off... By the way believe it or not i got the dress from H&M for only $10.00..That was the greatest find ever at H&M so far this year for me...

 that's in front of Radio City..

I could not find my camera so all the pictures were taken with my Sprint Instinct phone, not the best quality but at least I got something to show..

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