Monday, January 25, 2010

AVATAR!!!!!!!!! GO SEE IT......

Michael and I went to see Avatar 2 weeks ago and let me tell you, I liked it-- nope I loved it, every part of the movie. I was not worried for the fact that it was 3hrs long, I was so drawn to the movie the time flew by very quickly. The visual effects and the sound effects were spectacular, I felt like a little kid watching the story developed. I am sure there are people out there whom may have different opinion about the AVATAR the movie but for me it was awesome.. There are so much to learn from AVATAR, love, romance, Greed, RACISM. the human wanted to take over land of the aliens to become richer. For the human  it was about being powerful and trying to take control of the land. and for the aliens it was about family staying together, family enjoying their land, mother nature. Nature is very important in their world.
Seriously it's a really good movie that will keep you awake throughout the 3hrs...I would have preferred to see it on IMAX  or 3D but since it's very pricey in NYC, so we opted out and saw it in regular screening..PS... if you have the cash go see it on IMAX and 3D........


Avatar The Movie Lesson To Be Learned

When You Are Ready          You Should See Your Face


Go see it!!!!!!!!

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