Monday, January 4, 2010

Planning a head...

Happy monday everyone! Glad to be at work in this frigid weather.. however my body is still in the vacation mode.. I have so much to think about now that the holidays are over.. for starters I have to work on my career goals for this year..
  • I keep my eyes and ears open for anything new position that might come my way.
  • I am looking to get into the marketing field, or production field and you know what I really would not mind going into radio.Now that we have plan for the wedding I really need to find something else that will help me pay for the wedding.
  • Michael and I start talking about having the wedding sometimes this year.. so you know what that means.. We have got to stop spending and start planning.
  • I started looking all these websites so that i can get an idea for the themes, colors, decoration and everything that we are going to need... 
  • We are also talking about getting our own place, so im not sure if that means after the wedding or maybe we will stay at my mom then look for something that we can afford.
  • I have to make appointment to see several doctors.
  • I have to talk to my doctor about fertility, what we need to do.. 
  • Although I don't have that much of bill except for Macy's  I am going to make an attempt to pay it off and stay out of all these stores like gap, Victoria secret and so on.
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